I. Springs of Living Water! Initiative in Spiritual Renewal of the Church

This section roots the Springs! initiative in scripture, gives a presentation on the focus of the ministry, the background, the approach, strengths, expanding the mission and testimonials.

A Springs! Initiative works with churches, districts, and clusters of churches that want to enter a spiritually oriented, servant-led process that will lead congregations to the next level of their spiritual growth. It will help discern their mission, and reach out with the joy of the Gospel, in order to fulfill their mission for Christ and the Church.

The Springs Academy is described in Section II below.
The Springs Institute is described in Section III below.
Springs Resources in Church Renewal is described in Section IV below.
Springs Videos & Photos is described in Section V below.

A. Description of the Springs of Living Water Initiative

  1. Springs of Living Water (Brochure)
  2. Springs of Living Water (Cover Page)
  3. Springs of Living Water (Presentation)
  4. Springs of Living Water (Testimonials)

B. Advent 2018 Here Comes Jesus

C. Daily Scripture Reading and Prayer for a deeper faith in Christ and spiritual formation

  1. A Closer Walk & Printing Instructions: Scriptures follow the 12 spiritual disciplines in Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.
  2. Called to be Servants, Entrusted to be Servant Leaders - Scriptures follow the 12 characteristics of servant leadership in the Servant Leader DVD
    1. Questions: September 08-14
    2. Questions: September 15-21
    3. Questions: September 22-28
    4. Questions: September 29 - October 05
    5. Questions: October 06-12
    6. Questions: October 13-19
  3. Called To Be Servants Entrusted To Be Servant Leaders - Part II
    1. Questions: October 20-26
    2. Questions: October 27 - November 2
    3. Questions: November 03-09
    4. Questions: November 10-16
    5. Questions: November 17-23
    6. Questions: November 24-30
  4. The People of God in Mission – Book of Acts – Part 1 ~ Insert
  5. The People of God in Mission – Book of Acts – Part 2 ~ Insert
  6. Celebrating The All-Sufficient Christ - Colossians
  7. Shining Like Stars in the World-The Journey Outward-Striving for Christian Maturity – Philippians
  8. Pentecost preparation for 2014 Annual Conference – “Live as Courageous Disciples – Shining Like Stars in the World”
    1. Description of Philippians
    2. Questions: June 09-14
    3. Questions: June 15-21
    4. Questions: June 22-28
    5. Questions: June 29-July 05
    6. Questions: July 06-12
  9. The Superiority of Christ – Worthy to be Followed and Worshiped
    1. Description of Hebrews & Printing Instructions
    2. Questions: September 7-13
    3. Questions: September 14-20
    4. Questions: September 21-27
    5. Questions: September 28 - October 4
    6. Questions: October 5-11
    7. Questions: October 12-18
    8. Questions: October 19-25
    9. Questions: October 26 - November 1
    10. Questions: November 2-8
    11. Questions: November 9-15
    12. Questions: November 16-22
    13. Questions: November 23-29

D. Three Books on Springs of Living Water

  1. Springs of Living Water, Christ-centered Church Renewal, With foreword by Richard Foster, (book flier) Herald Press. A total renewal manual. In this book, which is fashioned around the story of the woman at the well, the reader will explore three dynamics of renewal discovered right in the text: thirst, encounter, transformation, and mission. Then the book details how to spiritually discern and implement a practically oriented, servant led plan of renewal in a local church. (Many field tested worksheets are in the appendices.)
  2. Servant Leadership for Church Renewal, Shepherds by the Living Springs, foreword by Scott Rodin (book flier) Reprint, Wipf and Stock. Using the Suffering Songs in Isaiah, Revelation 7:17 and John 13, this book develops seven characteristics of servant leadership and shows how spiritually oriented, servant led leadership can help a church form a plan of renewal. Also deals with selected topics like handling hardship. (Worksheets in the appendices describe the renewal process.)
  3. A New Heart and A New Spirit, A Plan for Renewing Your Church, Foreword by Richard Stoll Armstrong, Judson Press. Using a Biblical vision for renewal and building on Psalm 51, this book helps the reader learn step-by-step procedures for establishing a plan of renewal in a local church. This is the original foundational course in church renewal taught by the author at Palmer Theological Seminary near Philadelphia, PA.

E. Four Net Results Articles on Church Renewal

  1. Renewal in Times of Fear and Opportunity
    1. Discussion Questions
  2. Seven Tipping Points to Church Renewal in Times of Fear and Opportunity
    1. Cast of Authors
  3. Did Jesus Have a Strategic Plan?
  4. Water Jar Left Behind: Community Reach Ahead

Most Recent Messenger Articles on Church Renewal

  1. Jesus Shows the Way to Christ-centered Church Renewal
  2. God's Door Left Open
  3. Transformation at Both Ends of the Towel

II. Springs Academy for Church Renewal

In response to the need of pastors and church leaders to have courses in church renewal, the Springs of Living Water Academy of Church Renewal is being launched. The academy is designed to teach courses as in seminary so pastors and church leaders gain an overview of the Springs church renewal process.

The vision is that the academy will be rooted in the local congregation with the pastor or minister having a local team of interested persons walking along to share about what church renewal can mean. This team of 3-5 persons, more if desired, should be persons who have a vital interest in renewal. They can participate in spiritual disciplines using a spiritual disciplines folder and will have short articles to read. The pastor or minister can meet with them for discussion on topics covered in the class. All this makes the class very practical and very exciting.

Basic Course: Foundations for Church Renewal

The basic course, “Foundations for Christ-centered Church Renewal”, will utilize the spiritual disciplines folder “A Closer Walk” which builds spiritual strength and covers a thorough going course in church renewal using the book Springs of Living Water, Christ-centered Church Renewal by David Young with Foreword by Richard Foster. The four sections of the book are organized under four dynamics of church renewal, thirst, encounter, transformation and mission from the woman at the well in John 4.

This course covers how a congregation can engage in a seven fold renewal process to address the thirst for renewal seen in the life cycle of a church. Feeling the thirst for a deeper spiritual walk, the congregation can encounter Christ through daily spiritual disciplines. And they embark on a spiritual journey of renewal using servant leadership modeled by Jesus using a seven fold process.

Looking into transformation, the course explores 5 or 6 congregational gatherings which help the church build on its strengths, learn how persons can spiritually touch one another, and discern their core values. Out of discerning a key Biblical passage, together they discern a vision and plan and then a step by step process of implementing units of renewal as they head out in mission.

Such units that build on the gifts of the congregation may include strengthening the Sunday School and other educational ministries, building up the youth and young adult ministry, visiting and reaching out to their community, naming a few….One example is a congregation that trained and sent out teams of visitors to their community on a trolley. In the course of another, the youth served the board dinner and is assisting in the Sunday School and worship. In another, a women’s ministry became revitalized.

This course has a detailed syllabus with Learning Objectives, (Roger Mager), which participants review and localize to their setting. Pastors who take the classes recommend reading the books before the classes. Each session will lift up selected reading for the five, two hour phone conference calls when everyone can participate in the discussion. The new DVD’s now available on the web site are handy learning tools both for pastors and their teams walking along and are incorporated in the syllabus.

Between each session, the instructor David Young makes a shepherding call to each pastor as they localize learnings to their setting. A follow-up paper is written reflecting both course content and application in a local session for ministry. All sessions are recorded. The course trains pastors in how to lead renewal in their church and includes a session on five roles of a renewal pastor as they help their church discern and implement their unique mission. 1.0 CEU is awarded

Advanced Course: Servant Leadership for Church Renewal

The advanced course “Servant Leadership for Church Renewal, Shepherds by the Living Springs” will build on the Foundations Course and emphasizes implementation. The spiritual disciplines folder used is entitled “Called to Serve, Entrusted as Servant Leaders” and covers 12 weeks of the class with 84 scriptures on servanthood to meditate upon. The devotional reading used is Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer which is a wonderful classic on the meaning of the church as Christian community.

This course covers how to implement a renewal plan in step by step fashion with special topics a renewal pastor faces including: 1) “Principles of Master Preaching”, 2) “Dialogue and Spiritual Discernment” with a training DVD done by David and Joan Young, and a monograph “The Gift of Dialogue”, and 3) “Sizing Up Your Congregation for New Member Ministry” by Arlin Rothauge. Also we look into discipling and growing in Christian discipleship. A bi-vocational emphasis is in the making.

Along with section IV of the Springs of Living Water book, this course uses the second book by David Young, Servant Leadership for Church Renewal, Shepherds by the Living Springs with topics: “Shepherds by the Living Springs”, “Servant Leadership and Organizing for Renewal”, Servant Leaders and Servant Structures”, Servant Leaders and Handling Hardship”, and Servant Leadership and Faith Transformation”. The new Servant Leadership for Church Renewal, Shepherds by the Living Springs is now available as well as the training DVD on Dialogue and Spiritual Discernment.

Participants work with a team walking along as they look at practical implementation of renewal in their congregation. After each of the five 2 hour sessions over the phone, a shepherding call is made by David Young The follow-up paper pulls together their learnings that would be practical for their setting. 1.0 CEU granted.

Further Information on the Academies:

For the long term, an exciting aspect of the academy is that participants can grow spiritually by engaging in spiritual disciplines with spiritual disciplines folders. This brings personal spiritual growth for leaders basic to congregational renewal and helps them learn the possibilities of using this tool for individual and congregational growth. And then they can help the entire congregation in the renewal process to discover where God is leading and implement units of renewal using the whole church.

This same kind of growth happens for the persons walking along. They may well choose to participate in the spiritual disciplines folder and read Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. Also through the course they have pertinent short articles to read and now have the DVD’s to view. Along with this there are conversations with the pastor during this period of time. Often the team gets so excited that they are ready to begin the first or next steps of renewal for their congregation.

In the long term, facilitated by a renewal team, the folders are used by the entire congregation and can be coordinated with the Sunday morning message. Classes on spiritual disciplines can be held for children, youth and adults, making this a life long journey of a vital, dynamic faith. Churches may decide to use the folders as a first step in answering the spiritual thirst given of God. And building on the spiritual disciplines, the church has renewed spiritual energy to implement vital ministries.

And then through a process of discernment, the congregation may decide to enter into a full Springs initiative in their local church to take the next steps in new life where they feel God is leading them. Along with the resources already listed there is The Springs of Living Water! Notebook which is a loose leaf download of nearly 50 pages to specifically implement each step of the path to new life. This resource is listed under Section IV below.

Background and Hope of the Academy

The Springs Academy builds on David Young’s experience in new life in the church began in 1970 in renewal of a local church and thereafter in both regular and interim calls. He completed a Doctor of Ministry program in church renewal from Bethany Theological Seminary where the pastor had to implement four units of renewal in concert with their congregation and write a journal article.

One of the learning units after that was taking two intensives in preaching, including Master Preaching. David began his seminary teaching in intensives for pastors and lay leaders in 1986 which became the basis for the three books on church renewal. With doubling of class size, the president of Eastern, the American Baptist Seminary in Philadelphia, encouraged him to go to Princeton Theological Seminary where under Richard Stoll Armstrong, he completed his first book.

Since 2004, David and his wife Joan have led the Springs of Living Water Initiative in Church Renewal. David participated in three Greenleaf Academies of Servant Leadership which became the model for the Springs Academies. The hope of the Academy is to equip pastors and ministers as they guide churches in renewal and then with the help of Springs Institute implement a renewal initiative.

Please click below for each of these items.

  1. Springs of Living Water Academy brochure
  2. Course Descriptions for Next Classes
  3. Registration Form
  4. “A Closer Walk”: A Spiritual Journey for the Foundations Class.
  5. “Called to Serve, Entrusted to Be Servant Leaders” for Advanced Class

III. Springs Institute in Church Renewal

While Springs! is rooted in districts and forming clusters of churches, a Springs institute day may be arranged for your church or group of churches. In addition, there are opportunities in a pastor's track which can go along with a Springs initiative or be for training pastors in church renewal.

Springs of Living Water! (Workshops, Seminars, and Resources)

  • Basic Springs Institute: Introductory Course in Church Renewal: In this one day seminar participants enter into responding to God's leading for renewal and learn the fundamentals of a spiritually aligned journey of renewal of their church. Participants leave knowing exactly what to do next in responding to God's call.
  • Introductory Intensive plus Follow-up Session: In this model a pastor and team of persons come from a local church and receive the basic introductory training and take it back to their local church. They spend a period of four months implementing and return for a second day to take the process the next steps. (This can be the prelude for a longer terms renewal initiative as already described.
  • Pastoral Track: The Springs Institute has training for pastors. This can happen in regular Springs Renewal Initiatives or in a Springs Institute day. Pastors develop leadership skills in renewal by exploring what being a pastor in renewal means including the pastor as spiritual guide, spiritual formation of congregations, being a servant leader, and how to facilitate the renewal process in your church.
  • Master Preachers: Preaching is especially important for a vital church. Pastors will learn the Biblical call to preach and then plan for vital preaching in their church which is in line with their congregation practicing spiritual disciplines. Pastors will learn how to proclaim the Good News and develop each aspect of a sermon from a servant led perspective. Coaching is offered.
  • Youth/Young Adult Track: Often youth and young adult ministry arises as part of a church renewal plan. This institute will show you how to develop such a vital ministry as an integral part of your renewal plan. Participants will learn how to envision, plan, identify a model train and set up mentoring for counselors, launch and support such a ministry, and keep the entire congregation involved.

Sample Springs Institute: March 23, 2007 Click for Pre Renovare Conference Workshop on Using Spiritual Disciples for spiritual renewal of your church. You may email David Young in order to set up such an event.

IV. Springs Resources in Church Renewal

In Springs there are additional resources that can assist you and help in the long term spiritual renewal of your church. New resources are developed along the way to church initiatives. Please email or call for assistance and we will be happy to serve.

Loose Leaf Resources

A Handbook to Implement A Springs of Living Water Initiative in a Local Congregation. This loose leaf manual gives the practical nuts and bolts of how to implement a renewal initiative in your church. With twenty three shorter sections of specific instructions for each step of the renewal path, a church will have a practical way to go about each aspect of the renewal process. This notebook tells about the renewal journey, what a church can expect, the renewal team, and the flow chart of the process. Available by email.

A Handbook to Implement A Springs of Living Water Initiative in a Local Congregation. This loose leaf manual gives the practical nuts and bolts of how to implement a renewal initiative in your church. With twenty three shorter sections of specific instructions for each step of the renewal path, a church will have a practical way to go about each aspect of the renewal process. This notebook tells about the renewal journey, what a church can expect, the renewal team, and the flow chart of the process. Available by email.

Servant Leadership and the Life Cycle of the Church, God’s Gift of Wisdom, God’s Gift of Hope is a loose leaf describing the life cycle of a church and how, by servant leadership, to approach each stage. Being a thermostat, the life cycle does not provide spiritual energy. Rather the Springs renewal process sets the church on the growth side of the life cycle by implementing spiritual disciplines folders, using dialogue and discernment, building on strengths with congregational gatherings, and implementing a renewal plan.

A Closer Walk: Sunday School Lessons for Children on the Spiritual Disciplines by Jean Moyer with a Foreword on the Church and Home as the Context of Spiritual Formation by David Young. Following the spiritual disciplines of Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, these creative lessons by a very experienced curriculum writer help teachers present the spiritual disciplines for children to learn the spiritual practices for spiritual growth for a life time. The foreword describes how the church and family are integral in this process of faith formation through regular disciplines.

Adult Sunday School or Small Group Resource on Discipleship for New and Renewing People of Faith

David S. Young, James, Faith in Action, Covenant Bible Study Series, (Elgin: Brethren Press, August, 1992). The book of James gives a guide for practical Christian living today. Questions for discussion and action assist the reader and small groups. Used in Covenant Bible study groups of the Church of the Brethren and the Disciples of Christ across the U.S. and Canada, this is a Bible study resource for growing as a disciple. This resource can be used in discipleship training of new persons who come into the church in renewal.

Wooden Foot Tubs:

A 3/4 size exact replica foot tub that symbolizes the two fold action of transformation: being cleansed for service and serving in Christ’s name. Can be ordered by emailing davidyoung@churchrenewalservant.org.

V. Springs Videos & Photos

Created by Jonathan M. Young, July 27, 2000