Springs of Living Water!

" the water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life." John 4: 14b. What life giving words of Jesus not just for individuals but also for congregations! Just like the woman at the well to whom Jesus offers life-giving water, churches discover that new life is not just a surface issue but being replenished to the core spiritually! Springs of Living Water! is not a quick fix but a spiritual journey of being healthy congregations with an urgent Christ centered mission.

Christ renews our inner spiritual walk.
Christ invites the church to be on a spiritual journey.
Christ brings new life evidenced in trusting relationships.
Christ helps give us a Biblical vision for our congregation.
Christ leads us to an intentional, incremental plan for ministries.

Out of the joy of seeing congregation after congregation experience new life, a new movement is being born -- Springs of Living Water! Pastors and interns taking courses in church renewal in the mid 1980's said to me, "Put your spiritual stuff first." The desired outcome of spiritual renewal guides the input into the process. The same pastors said, "Unless we are renewed we can't expect our congregations to be renewed."

Water, life-giving water, gives new energy to congregations plagued with low motivation. Living water, renewing water, replenishes congregations suffering from low self-esteem. Living water, cleansing water, brings healing to relationships stressed by congregational interactions. Living water, springs of living water, is available for congregations to clarify their mission and find a path that leads to sharing life-giving water with others. The theme Springs of Living Water! emerged from taking significant time discerning what many congregations yearn for today.

In Springs of Living Water! each member and friend of a congregation is invited to enter more intentional spiritual disciplines. Listening to God, members discern the next incremental step to which God is leading them in disciplines in their devotional life, in living the Christian walk, and in serving Jesus. The spiritual thrust permeates a seven-fold process for renewal which a church goes through in a four-year intentional endeavor.

Springs of Living Water! gives the training and the tools for churches to work for renewal. The pages that follow describe how this theme takes on life using three foci of Springs!, as well as the background and the mission as it is expanding. Through these efforts congregations have experienced renewal, lives have been changed, and vitality has come to regions. May God bless you in your desire for new life.

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