David S. Young




1. Springs of Living Water, Christ-Centered Church Renewal (Scottdale: Herald Press, 2008) with foreword by Richard Foster.  This book approaches the need for renewal with a deep spiritual orientation and an active servant leader style.  This resource tells how a church can go through a renewal process which leads to a Biblical vision and a plan, and then they implement these ministries.   Exciting stories are told of new life in churches.

     In order to accomplish this goal, the church calls a renewal team which works with the entire congregation.   Rather than attempt to find out what is wrong and fix it, the church discovers what is right and builds upon it.   Along with using spiritual disciplines folders the church has a series of congregational gatherings on seminal topics such as identifying their strengths. Twelve appendices give ready tools for the church engaged in the process.


2. Servant Leadership for Church Renewal, Shepherds by the Living Springs, (Scottdale: Herald Press, 1999) with Foreword by Scott Rodin.   Using the suffering Servant Songs in Isaiah, Rev. 7: 17, and John 13, this work develops seven characteristics of servant leadership and shows how such spiritually oriented leadership can help the church form a plan of renewal.   The worksheets in the appendix describe the renewal process.


3. A New Heart and A New Spirit, A Plan for Renewing Your Church (Valley Forge: Judson Press, September, 1994 with foreword by Richard Stoll Armstrong.   Using a Biblical vision for renewal, this text helps the reader learn step-by-step procedures for establishing a plan of renewal in a local church.   This is the original course in church renewal the author taught at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA.


4. James, Faith in Action, Covenant Bible Study Series, (Elgin: Brethren Press, August, 1992).  The book of James gives a guide for practical Christian living today.  Questions for discussion and action assist the reader and small groups.   Used in Covenant Bible study groups of the Church of the Brethren and the Disciples of Christ across the U.S. and Canada and for wider use, this is a Bible study resource for growing as a disciple.




“The Gift of Dialogue,” Published by the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, 2008

This monograph prepared especially for the Greenleaf Center is a rendition of a chapter from Springs of Living Water. This monograph presents a four fold dialogue process for use both by individuals and in a corporate setting.   Guidelines are given for holding a group dialogue session.  Suggestions are given for reflection, dialogue and next steps.   


Book Chapters


1.   “Final Reflections,” final chapter in Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn by James Riley (Silver Lake: High Road First Editions, 2006), pp. 81-99.  In a book of practical applications of servant leadership, this chapter ties the stories to the spiritual journey of servant leadership with themes like receiving, serving, growing, leading, and celebrating.  


2.  “Foresight, the Lead That the Leader Has,” Focus on Leadership, Servant Leadership for the 21st Century ed. Larry Spears and Michele Lawrence, (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2002)  pp. 245-257.  This essay describes the use of foresight in church renewal, a concept that Robert Greenleaf calls the “central ethic in leadership”.   This essay covers spiritual discernment in applications like “Rekindle! in NEW LIFE 2010, where the reader learns how to form a renewal plan in the local church.


3. “Equipping the Saints through Supervision,” The Calling of the Laity ed. Verna Dozier, Washington: The Alban Institute, 1988), pp. 142-149.  This chapter gives a seven fold supervision process which a mentor can use to assist someone wanting to implement their ministry.    This chapter from A New Heart and A New Spirit was selected by Verna Dozier for this anthology for Alban Institute. 


4. Study War No More, A Peace Handbook for Youth, editor and writer of three chapters, (Elgin: The Brethren Press, 1981) for use in On Earth Peace Academy and as a denominational resource on peacemaking.   This handbook covers the Biblical basis for peacemaking and, while designed for youth, can be used for study by all ages.


4.  “Lay Witness—Road to Renewal,” Call the Witnesses, Perspectives on Evangelism in the Church of the Brethren Paul Minnich Robinson, ed.  (Elgin: The Brethren Press, 1974), pp. 105-113.  The story of a lay renewal movement in a local church which resulted in the congregation shaping its own spiritual renewal experiences.    



Articles in Journals/Newsletter/Quarterlies

1.”Seven Tipping Points for Church Renewal in Times of Fear and Opportunity,” Net Results, March/April, 2010, pp. 15-19.


2.  “Renewal in Times of Fear and Opportunity,” Net Results, May/June, 2009, pp. 21-24, plus “Afterthoughts, Small Group and Congregational Study Guide”, p. 30.


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5. “Hospitality, Andrew Style!”   Messenger, November,” 2005, pp. 16, 17.


6.  “Brethren, let’s renew!  Messenger, July 2004, p. 6.    Affirming three emerging strengths and the urgency of the positive window, this article expresses the sense of God’s leading for denominational revitalization of the Church of the Brethren.


7.  “The Three Legged Stool of Church Vitality,” Brethren Life and Thought, Vol. XLIX, No.1 and 2, Winter and Spring 2004, pp. 158-164.  Twenty-six authors share their perspectives on the mission, educational style, and legacy of Bethany Theological Seminary.


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20. “Leadership,” Brethren Life and Thought, Vol. XXXIII, No. 2, Spring, 1988, pp. 131-135.  Develops concepts of Servant Leadership for transformational leadership in the church.


21. “Toward a Resurgence of Preaching,” Brethren Life and Thought, Vol. XXXII, No. 1, Winter, 1987, pp. 41-44.  A call for the importance of preaching for spiritual renewal in the church.


22. “The Letter of James,” in five studies, Biblical Exposition and Lessons, Guide for Biblical Studies, Vol. 99, No. 2, March, April, May 1984, pp. 54-83.  A curriculum piece for adult Sunday School classes.


23. “Children’s Sermons,” The Christian Ministry, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 1982, p. 18. Lifts up the importance and possibilities for children’s messages in the worship service


24. “Marks of Ministry,” Messenger, May 1976, pp. 14, 15. Published article from Doctoral thesis How the Pastor Can Help Motivate and Supervise Church Renewal, Lifts up five Biblical marks of ministry from the Gospel of John which demonstrate faithfulness to the Gospel for leadership and ministry in the work of church renewal.


25. “Response to Brethren Identity and the Unity of the Church by Warren Groff,” Brethren Life and Thought, Vol. XX, No. 4, Autumn, 1975, pp. 236-238.


Sermons/Biblical Studies in Journals

Including six Easter messages


l. “Thanksgiving, Call Waiting for God,” with Joan Young, Messenger, November, 1995


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3. “Easter: Song of Victory,” Messenger, March 1986, pp. 11, 12.


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