Other Resources in Church Renewal

(Except for first entry, not necessarily listed in any order of importance.)

The Holy Bible Many examples of personal and corporate renewal and transformation.

In Spiritual Formation

Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline (San Francisco: Harper&Row, 1978)
In identifying the disciplines which can shape us spiritually, Richard Foster’s book
is seminal in the field for developing the kinds of spiritual disciplines which will
renewal our lives and which will renew our churches. Students of renewal have
grounded themselves in the spiritual life as that shapes us in depth, character, spirit,
leadership, and discernment. A must read.

Richard J. Foster and Emilie Griffin Eds. Spiritual Classics, Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups on the Twelve Spiritual Disciplines, (Harper: San Francisco, 2000)
A marvelous addition to the resources from Renovare’, the emphasis on new life led by Richard Foster.
In this resource there are readings from the classics paralleling the 12 disciplines in the original book.
Included are Bible selections, discussion questions, suggested exercises, reflections by Richard Foster and resources for going deeper.
A nice companion for your own disciplines.

Richard Foster, Streams of Living Water , In this book Richard Foster develops the six streams of tradition that help fashion
a balanced Christian Life. These traditions are: The Contemplative Tradition: The Prayer Filled Life, The Holiness Tradition: the Virtous Life,
The Charismatic Tradition: The Spirit-Filled Life, The Social Justice Tradition: The Compassionate Life, The Evangelical Tradition: The Word Centered Life,
and The Incarnational Tradition: The Sacramental Life. While looking at the strengths and pitfalls of each school, this book is deeply rich in helping us
look at deepening our spiritual lives in joyous affirmation.

In Servant Leadership and Church Renewal

Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership, A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness Foreword by Stephen Covey, Afterword by Peter Senge (New York: Paulist Press, 2002)

Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership, A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness Foreword by Stephen Covey, Afterword by Peter Senge (New York: Paulist Press, 2002)
With servant leadership becoming so influential in business and Greenleaf’s work having a spiritual base, this is an excellent compilation
of the monographs of Robert Greenleaf, first with the Servant as Leader.

Roy Oswald and Speed Leas, The Inviting Church, A Study of New Member Assimilation (Bethesda: Alban Institute: 1987)
A book that grows out of a study of sixteen growing churches and is extremely helpful in looking at the incorporation process.
This book looks at the spiritual journey of the newcomer from searching to being sent. A must part of every syllabus on church renewal.

Martin Saarinen, The Life Cycle of a Congregation, (Alban Institute, 1986)
Looks at the life cycle of a church using four genes, energy, program, administration, and inclusion.
Saarinen is able to capture the aspects of the cycle of growth and decline and the balance needed for a healthy church.
Many a student has said, "now I understand" after reading this short monograph.
Within each cycle are critical factors of upswing and downswing.

Arlin Rothauge, Sizing Up a Congregation For New Member Ministry (New York: The Episcopal Church Center)
Rothauge does basic work on four sizes of churches, family, pastoral, program and corporate, and how each incorporates members.
Rather than just seeing how each size can grow, Rothauge looks at the strength of each as well.

Lyle Schaller, The Change Agent (New York: Abingdon Press, 1972)
Just one of those basic books and you can always find help in reading Schaller’s works.
From the syllabi from the earliest of courses, when you talk about change, here is a book to refer to when you look at such topics as planned change, the use of power, and managing conflict.
Just the first line of the preface makes this book a gem.

James MacGregor Burns, Leadership (New York: Harper & Row, 1978)
This Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner is seminal in the field distinguishing transformational leadership and transactional leadership.
From the early days of exploring and teaching in the field, this book comes up on many current lists and endures because of its sweep of topics
including such topics as the crisis of and the power of leadership.

Loren Mead’s The Once and Future Church (Alban Institute, 1991)
It is hard to think of this book as an oldie but that shows how it endures and seems so current.
Loren Mead does a wonderful job in describing the shifting paradigm where the local church is established as the mission center.
Relooking at the apostolic paradigm, and all the features of the once and future church, makes this a must read.

Alice Mann, foreword by Anthony Pappas, Redeveloping Congregations in Decline (Bethseda: The Alban Institute, 1999)
Building on her book The In-Between Church, Navigating Size Transitions in Congregations, Alice explores the redevelopment loop and looks at why churches get into trouble.
There is a noted spiritual connection in Alice’s book, which then explores options for a congregation.
Under what to do next, she explores partnering with one’s denomination and looking at a comprehensive denominational strategy.

Steven Goodwin, Catching the Next Wave, Leadership Strategies for Turn-Around Congregations (Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1999)
Looking at what congregational health would look like, Steven Goodwin compares the turnaround process for churches to a western
Square dance with the turnaround of many partners.
His whole work in hindling a shared vision and building a mission strategy is very helpful.

Prepared by Rev. Dr. David S. Young, a servant in renewal

Created on: April 26, 2000

Modified on: May 15, 2003